Sign a petition – if concerned about the BGI site

July 22, 2007 at 4:35 pm | Posted in BGI site | Leave a comment

Jacky Haydn is a Mt Cook resident who has been gathering signatures to petition the WCC and Foodstuffs regarding the development of the BGI site. The petition:

1. opposes a large-scale supermarket development along Tasman Street as it is already congested at peak time
2. supports a small-scale, low-impact plan, landscaped with trees and shrubs
3. supports keeping Boys’ Institute as an iconic heritage landmark, aesthetically and culturally in tune with other significant historical buildings in Mt Cook
4. supports upgrading the swimming facility Boys [and Girls] Institute houses as it is used by up to 2000 local children per week

    I urge concerned locals to sign this petition, even if you don’t agree with the precise wording. The main sentiments or principles are important. Once we impress upon the WCC and Foodstuffs the strength of feeling that residents and friends of Mt Cook have about ad-hoc development, and the loss of local facilities, we can then (hopefully) influence things – have a say about what we actually want, and how best to make this happen in our neighbourhood.

    The petition can be downloaded here

    Posted by Geoff


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