Traffic concerns denied

August 2, 2007 at 8:33 am | Posted in Traffic-pedestrian issues | 3 Comments

The Wellington City Council and the Wellington Road Policing Unit reckon no-one has complained about pedestrian safety at the intersections of Buckle, Taranaki and Arthur Sts, according to a Citylife article last week, “School sees red over drivers running lights”. Clearly Mt Cook School disagrees, as do a number of residents who have called both the Police and the Council about safety at the two major Buckle Street intersections near the school. More on this shortly…

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  1. I have started using the NZ Police’s online traffic reporting site [ ] to report red-light runners at the intersection of Tory and Buckle Sts. Every night on my way home I just grab the number, make and model of the last car through the red light, and write it up.

    I don’t really expect the runners to pay much attention to the notices they get from the police (I didn’t *whistles innocently*) but I am expecting that a steady stream of reports from the public about the same thing happening at the same place to have _some_ impact on the Police.

  2. Great idea Jon. We’ll be doing the same and hope the habit of noticing and reporting errant drivers spreads. Cheers

  3. I was listening to National Radio this morning, and there was an interesting segment on traffic calming using “mental roadbumps”. The audio can be accessed here:
    Although I suspect the link will quickly expire. The interviewee was David Engwicht, so seaching on the RadioNZ site for him – or googling him (it’s a fairly unique name) should find something relevant pretty quick.


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