Public Meeting – Mt Cook: our Burb’s future in your hands

August 10, 2007 at 8:40 am | Posted in Events | 5 Comments

Mt Cook public meeting poster - 500w.jpg

See previous post for further meeting details.

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  1. Interesting meeting. I found most fascinating the following things:

    a) the group wants to represent Mt Cook’s inhabitants – how did they assess that they have their mandate?

    b) from the 5 rows of people in front of me only 6 had signed the petition, that’ll be roughly 20%; if that’s representative of everyone who showed up the group surely doesn’t have the mandate of the majority to discuss with the council.

    c) members of the group (Hi Julia!) joined the independent “work groups” to disseminate their ideas onto the work-sheets.

    Cheers, anyway.

  2. Since group members are independent Mt Cook residents too, work groups allowed an opportunity for their views to be included in the final collated results of all those that participated in the exercise! Thanks

  3. All group members are independent Mt Cook residents too and only one voice among many, hence the point of the exercise. Thanks.

  4. a)The Mount Cook Mobilised Group by organising the public meeting sought only to MOBILISE opinion, not represent a mandate.
    b)Maybe many of the people in front of you had already signed the petition? The petition only represents those that sign it, rather than being a mandate!
    c)Congratulations to the members of the group who have given their time to try to get some progressive discussion for a suburb designed by those that live in it.

  5. No one said conspiracy :}

    But as far as the “spreading of ideas” goes: what was the point of forming groups when certain members of “mobilise…” took liberty to bless several of them?
    And what’s the point of gathering information if you push certain views in the manner mentioned above?
    I still find the process very odd.


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