Parking Review 2009

February 4, 2009 at 10:20 am | Posted in Parking Review | 14 Comments

WCC are reviewing the Residents Parking and Coupon Parking schemes in inner city suburbs, including Mt Cook.  

According to Wellington City Council, Mt Cook has 1248 households with an average of one car per household.  There are 644 off-street parks, leaving 604 car owners to park in the 938 Residents or Coupon parks.  

In Mt Cook there are 726 residents or coupon excemption permits currently issued.

On the face of it, all this seems fine.  Are you having trouble parking in your street? Add your comments and suggestions by clicking on “Comments” above.



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  1. Definitely issues parking in Mount Cook! I live in newly completed QM apartments located at number 1 Hanson Street. Problem is – wellington city council don’t recognise this in their residential parking zoning. When I recently applied for a residents parking permit, was denied as the zoning starts at number 2 Hanson Street – frustrating! apparently nothing that can be done here according to the council – any thoughts from anyone??

  2. Hi Angela, not sure if you have passed this by one of our Lambton Ward Councillors for comment? It sounds like a nasty case of the tail wagging the dog to me. Hope you don’t mind – I have passed your comment to Iona Pannett for a second opinion. Cheers.

  3. They should put a good parking system


  4. Council have updated their Residents Parking map to include 1 Hanson St (QM Apartments). N.B. The Council’s Inner City Residents and Coupon Parking Review will begin in the next few months, there is no guarantee that the updated map will not change again.

  5. I caught a guilty look from a warden giving a ticket in Hansen St to a car presumably in a resident zone without a coupon, tonight Sunday at 8pm. I am locked in a ghastly situation with WCC who allege our car in resident area of Ranfurly. When I asked for evidence, that I did not do this, and it was refused, I asked for a hearing which it purported not to receive and so on to court and a clamping ($170) tho engaged in trying to disentangle with several visits to Parking/court but so far no amount of this unpleasantness, Iona P intervening etc has done nothing to justify why got the ticket in first place, or why explanation was turned down, or why no proof offered (got a ticket for not displaying coupon 2 yrs ago when it was on windscreen -ages to extricate, no WCC apology)or why it didn’t get my letter asking for hearing etc etc. Such blatant and careless and unfair revenue gathering must be stopped!

  6. I am just moving into an apartment at 20 Hanson Street (Vespa Apartments). There are resident parks right outside the building, but the address isn’t part of the council’s approved resident’s list…no I have to pay $80 a month for coupon parking which I struggle to find on Hanson Street! This doesn’t seem fair to me.

    • Jake, unfortunately your apartment is in a part of Hanson Street zoned ‘Suburban Centre’ rather than ‘Residential’ – this is why your parking situation seems to be an anomaly to anyone not well-versed in the District Plan. Suburban Centres are primarily for businesses, requiring car spaces for short term visitors. Most unfortunate. I hope you found out about this before deciding to take the apartment.

  7. I live in the apartment complex at 30 Hanson Street, the last apartment complex that has Hanson, John & Tasman Streets on each side of it.

    Have just been to the parking division of the WCC and they have advised that the council no longer offers Resident parking or Coupon exemption permits for those living on Hanson Street. If you want to park at least 1km from your house you need to pay $80 per month for a coupon ticket!!

    Ridiculous!! I will be complaining to the council on this one shortly!!!

  8. I live on Tasman Street and often after 5pm find it incredibly difficult to find a park. I often have to park OVER the driveway to our garage and then move my car early in the morning. I find that a lot of the time it is non-residents just parking either in the coupon area or the resident zone, thinking that after 6pm no one will check and they will be fine. Annoying for those who legitimately are able to park there because they live there. But I do think that the coupon idea is a good idea overall for regulating parking in wellington especially where it is so limited.

  9. Parking around Hopper Street is also a shambles, and no doubt a massive revenue earner for the council given the activity of parking wardens in the area. One of the problems is poor signage. People are not able to see where residential or public parks are. I’m not a fan of signs (another form of visual pollution), and have always wondered why they don’t colour code the lines on the roads to indicate permitted parking areas. Clearly the problem is also a manifestation of poor planning and design. Why are new apartment blocks not required to include parking – in the building. Can wider streets position parks on an angle (even if its only on one side of the street). Non-residents struggle to find parking and are left to infringe, impacting on residents. Where is this flow of cars coming from. Is there a parking problem in another area of the town (ie around the Polytechic). Can council make available to the public existing parking resources. So much land seems to be idle while it is waiting to be re-developed. For example, are all the council flat parking spaces allocated? If not, why not issue permits to use available spaces. Taking pressure of one place, may flow though to other areas. Its about better management and planning of our parking.

  10. I might add that it would be useful if individual car spaces were marked out on the road. So often poorly parked cars result in wasted street parking, because cars are unable to fit.

  11. Having a terrible time here with parking. I’m 11A Hanson St. No eligible for residents parking, or for parking coupon exemption. Not sure if its just times changing, but monthly coupons are $120. On top of paying the 120/month, our car has been vandalized 5 times in just a year. Next year I’ll be moving out of Mt. Cook for the lack of parking options and vandals.

  12. Outside our house in upper Rolleston Street there are both Residents Only and a Coupon sign for one section of parking – I have rung the council but nothing has been done. Unfair for people who think it is Coupon and then get a ticket because the signage is unclear. It also attracts people to park there and then legitimate residents can’t get a park as it is meant to be Residents Only. Love the idea of road markings to make it clearer as driving along trying to read signs that are stuck on every which way is very difficult.

    • Hi KJ, which side of the street do you mean? Did you get a Council reference number? We could follow-up at the residents’ meeting. Carol, Mt Cook Mobilised.

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