A growing number of people want to work together to ensure facilities in our community are preserved or thoughtfully developed.

This weblog is a place for Mt Cook people, and the wider community, to find and to publicise information, make comment and put forward ideas on issues that effect us all.

Presently those issues include:

  • the threat to TSW swim school and pool facility
  • the proposal to divert the Buckle St section of the motorway extension to run alongside Mt Cook School’s playing field and classrooms, to allow for the development of a park in front of the War Memorial
  • road safety issues in Mt Cook, particularly at the intersections of Buckle and Taranaki Sts, and Buckle and Tory/Tasman Sts. A large supermarket and service station in Tasman St would exacerbate these traffic problems

There are other, more creative and community-friendly answers to these problems, which need to be explored with local people. This weblog, and a sister website (called a wiki – a kind of online workspace that many people can contribute to), have been created to help this community wide discussion – children and young people included.


Geoff Stone and Sharon Murdoch
(Mt Cook residents, school and TSW pool users)



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  1. To date, July 20, I’ve collected, just joined by Carol Comber, 450 signatures on a petition asking to preserve the BGI building, the swimming facility, and limit the size of the Pak n Save. It is being met with an overwhelmingly supportive response. We want, we need to get many many more signatures. I would be glad to email the petition to any one with a printer, or they could ring 8017243 to arrange picking some up. I think we need to get on to it immediately. I have passed on Julie Congalton’s inspired idea to move Mt Cook Sch. to Tasman Rd near BGI and for PnS to take over the school’s vacated site, to lots of people, and MHobbs and Steph. Cook. It needs alot more spreading about too!

  2. Hi Jaqueline,

    Do you have any more details about the suggestions for moving the school? It sounds intriguing, and worth investigating further.

  3. do get in touch Tom. I am on 8033614 or 8017243. august 10 (don’t know if this is a direct response to you, or a broadcast one. Anyway may as well mention petition is just shy of 1000. Would love some more support

  4. Hi,
    I am a Mt Cook resident, and I have written a song for Wellington about development and have mentioned Kerry, the bypass and used images of the mount cook site in the video. it is as yet unreleased but I would be interested in seeing how we could collaborate

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