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A growing number of people want to work together to ensure facilities in our community are preserved or thoughtfully developed.

This weblog is a place for Mt Cook people, and the wider community, to find and to publicise information, make comment and put forward ideas on issues that effect us all.

Presently those issues include:

  • the threat to TSW swim school and pool facility
  • the proposal to divert the Buckle St section of the motorway extension to run alongside Mt Cook School’s playing field and classrooms, to allow for the development of a park in front of the War Memorial
  • road safety issues in Mt Cook, particularly at the intersections of Buckle and Taranaki Sts, and Buckle and Tory/Tasman Sts. A large supermarket and service station in Tasman St would exacerbate these traffic problems

The feelings of this writer are that there are other, more creative and community-friendly answers to these problems than those presently suggested by the Ministry for Culture and Heritage and Foodstuffs.

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Presently two issues are of particular interest and urgency, and both effect the welfare of our children:

First, the threat to TSW Swim School in Tasman St.
Recently the families of children who swim at TSW Swim School were notified that TSW will close in December 2007. In its place Foodstuffs, the owners of the site, intend to build a 6000sqm supermarket, a service station, and apartments. As yet they do not have resource consent for this development.

The proposed Pak ‘N Save supermarket will front Rugby, Tasman and Belfast Sts. Not only will this development mean a greatly increased volume of traffic in the surrounding streets, it will also mean Wellington loses a dedicated swim school.

Scott Wilson, who currently rents the pool from Foodstuffs, said (Dominion Post, Monday June 11):
“In some supermarket and mall-type developments in Australia, they do have designated swimming schools … and we tried to show them [Foodstuffs] the benefits of that.”

The other issue is the proposal to divert Buckle St to run alongside Mt Cook School’s boundary.
This is to allow for a memorial park to be built in front of the War Memorial site.

Representatives from the Ministry for Culture and Heritage, Wellington City Council, the Mt Cook School board and some Mt Cook School parents have had discussions about this. A summary of these meetings will follow.

Sharon Murdoch
(Mt Cook resident, Mt Cook School parent, TWS user)


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